Company Profile




            is  a  totally  Greek – owned  ,  Pharmaceutical 

            Industrial  Company .    

            Founded  at  early  1948 , by Nickolas A.Theophilis , a Pharmacist ,

            as  a  Personal  Private  Enterprise , in  the  form  of  an  Industrial

            small  Laboratory , has  soon  gained  respectfull  position  in  the

            local  market , due  to  it’s  commercial  integrity  status  and  also

            the  high  quality  standards  of  the  furnished  products  of  it’s

            manufacture , under  generic  or  registered  brand  names .

            In  the  long  run  of  the  following  years , despite  the  various

            difficulties  and  political  instability  events , the  founder  has

            managed  to  keep  his  Laboratory  up , slowly  but  steadily 

            growing  and  expanding .

            During  these  years , he  has  raised  his  son  Andrew , who  was

            properly  educated  by  the  Athens  American  College  and  later

            by  “ Varvakio ” Experimental  Public  high  school , and  followed

            Academic  studies  at  the  Athens  University , to  finally  become      

            a  qualified  Chemist , during  1965 .

            Paying  his  military  services  at  the  Hellenic  Navy , Andrew  has

            served  as a Chemist  officer , aboard  Oceanographic ship , doing

            sea-water  analyses  of  various  depths  all-around  Aegeon , used

            to correspondingly  prepare  precise Naval Charts of  Aegean sea .

            Afterwards  serving  at  headquarters  as  officer  responsible  for

            circulation  and  everyday works  of all  automotive  media  of  the

            Navy  around  Attica , he  has  been  trans-posted  to  become  the

            personal  secretary officer of  the Vice-Chief  Navy Admiral , posi-

            tions which have given  him a  very  deep and  broad  knowledge

            about  Administration  works  and  procedures .

           Joining  his  father’s  work  as  a  civilian , Andrew  was  further

            sent  to attend  various  scientific seminars , about  drug  manu –

            facturing , clean  and  sterile  areas  designing  , corresponding

            machinery and  productive procedures  designing and running , 

            plus  relevant  Quality  Control  Methods  and  Laboratories  designing ,

            held  in  Paris , Geneve  and  Heidelberg .

            Onwards , Andrew  has  received  detailed  technical  and  scientific

            educative know-how information , about  lyophylisation procedures ,

            projects, machinery  and  plants , at  Leybold-heraeus ,Kοln , also

                      escorted  in detailed educative local visits  to relevant pharmaceuti-

                      cal  plants at work , one preparing  lyo-injectables  near  Dusseldorf

                      and  another  preparing  veterinary  lyo-vaccines  near  Antwerb .

                     Further-on , he  has  received  corresponding  detailed  technical

                     and  scientific  educative  know-how  information , about  sustained

                     release  pelletising  procedures held  at  Eurand  and  several  other

                     pharmaceutical  plants  in  Milan , and  about  tablet  making  and

                     coating  procedures  held  at  several  pharmaceutical  plants  he

                     has  visited  in  Kent  and  the  surroundings  of  London .

                     Returning  to  his  father’s  work , he  had  extensively  experimen-

                     ted  on  several  projects  for  new  products , and  submitted  the

                     relevant  files to  receive  the corresponding  circulation  licenses

                     issued  by  the  State  authorities  of  the  time.

                    Meanwhile , he  has  made  extensive  self-studies  of  the  books.

                    Academically  taught  to students of  Law School  and  Economic

Un               University  on  Economics , Logistics , Cost  Analysis , Pricing ,

                    Taxing , Auditing , Marketing , Promotion , Advertisement  and

                    Business  Administration , followed  by  actual  practicing  with

                    the  family  enterprise  and  its  products  sold   around  Greece

                    in  various  territories  during  that  four – years  period.

                    Feeling  quite  well  informed  and  mature , Andrew  and   his

                    father  Nickolas , have  then decided  it was  a proper  time  for

                    them , to  transform  their  small  Laboratory  to  an  Industry.

                   They  proceeded  bying  the  land  at  Paeania , and  building

                    a  2000 sq.m. factory , they  have  laid  down  the foundations

                   of  a  properlyorganized  Industrial  Pharmaceutical  Company ,

                   having  it’s own Industrial  GMP facilities  at  Paeania  Attica , and

                   several  registered  commercially  successfull  products , which  has

                   been  transformed  to  a  Shareholders Private Industrial Company ,

                   always  keeping  it’s distinctive character of pure Greek ownership

                   and  productivity !

                   In  the  following  years , the  Political  changes  brought  foolish

                   cratisistic  ideas , under  which  scenery , all  efforts  concentrated

                   on  how  to  manage  to  stand  up  and  face  those  constant  State

                   attacks  to  the  Company’s  Integrity .

                   Meanwhile , Andrew  has  been  married  and  soon  his  first  son

                   Nick  was  born , but  after  a  while  , unfortunate  problems  with

                   his  mother’s  health  became , and  finally  she  has passed  away

                   before  the  birth  of  his  daughter , who  was  named  after  her ,

                   Constantina . After  about  2  years , his  second  son  George  was

                   born , but  soon  again , he  had  to  look  after  his  father’s  health ,

                   who unfortunately  has  peacefully  ended  the  next  year .    

                   Thus , by  the  end  of  that  decade , Andrew  has  inevitably  been

                   left alone , to deal  with  the  continuing  State  attacks  against  the

                   company’s  integrity  and  prosperity , and  manage  to  control  and

                   drive  the  Company  forward .

                   Armed  with  exceptional  patience  and  persistence , during  the next

                   decade , he  has  laid  down  the  foundations  of  constructing  new

                   productive  areas  in  the  factory , equipped  with  faster  and  quite

                   more  productive  machinery  of the  latest design , properly  fulfilling

                   the  latest  international  scientific and  technical  demands .   

                   At  the  dawn  of  the  following  decade , quite  unexpectedly , all

                   his  long-time  efforts , to  maintain  very  high  standards  of  his

                   scientific work , and  high levels of quality  of  the various  drugs

                   produced   by   his  factory ,  have   received   due   recognition ,

                   through  the  event  of  wide-spread  acknowledgement  , of  the

                   exceptionally unique effectiveness and  bio-availability , that one

                   of  his  products , named  Thyrohormone , is  succeeding  in  all

                   cases  of  treatment  of  thyroid  gland  diseases .    

                  Encouraged  by  this  event , he  felt  enthousiastic  to  proceed

                   further , laying  down  several   projects  of  expansion  of  his

                   factory’s  productive  areas  and  productivities , in  order  to

                   face  accordingly , relevant  projects  of  expansion   to  new

                  markets , and  of  course , to  new  products , to  which  target

                   all  present  efforts  of   staff  are  oriented .

                  The  Pharmaceutical  Products , which   produces

                  and  sells  locally and  around the world , under  generic  or  it’s own

                  registered  brand  names , have gained  a steadily  growing  scientific

                  reputation  and consequent  commercial success , because  they  are

                  constantly  keeping  up  their  high  quality  standards , in  an  always

                  evident  stable  way !                                                                                 

                 The  scientific  stuff  of    is  constantly  dedicated

                  to  maintain  this  target , and  for this reason  they  keep  themselves

                 steadily well-informed of all  recent  scientific advances , while  in the

                 meantime , they make  applied  searches  for  new  products , and  for

                 possible  improvement  adaptations  of  old  ones !

                      By the recent  graduation  of Constantina  and George Theofilis ,

                 and the subsequent  award of   post-graduate  Master`s degrees  in   

                 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Technology , the scientific staff force

                 of   has been  reinforced  by the “fresh blood”  and

                 the “fresh scientific knowledge and ideas” that they bring together,

                 by forcefully entering  in the Company !

               The  administrative  stuff  of   is  dedicated  to  fulfill

                 the  arising  needs  of  the  market  for  its  products , and  to  back-up

                economically  the  strategic  decisions  of  the  Company ! 

               A constantly expanding network of Representatives, Co-operators,

 Promoters, and Salesmen, together with the staff of Supporting

  and Add-educating them, supplement  the necessary “Arrow Force”

  of   for promotion of  sales of her Products , to the

  various worldwide markets !