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Greek Pharmaceutical Industry

About Us

Our company, “NI-THE”, is one of the first Greek Pharmaceutical Industries, founded in 1948 by Nikolaos Theofilis. The main object of NI-THE is the manufacture and trade of pharmaceutical products.

Through the years, the company has steadily managed to grow and establish itself in the market. The long-term trust of patients, doctors and pharmacists in our company’s products is a result of their continuous top quality, safety and effectiveness.


Founded in Athens by Nikolaos Theofilis, an experienced and insightful pharmacist that made a step forward, creating one of the first Greek pharmaceutical industries. In the laboratory of Drakopoulos pharmacy, located on Athinas Street in the center of Athens, Nikolaos Theofilis was manufacturing the company's first and only product until then, penicillin ointment.


NI-THE is granted a license to operate a laboratory for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, which is located on Pandorou Street in Petralona, Athens.



Triciderm® Marketing Authorisation in Greek market. Triciderm® is one of the first company products and is active in the market till this day.



The until then, small industrial laboratory of NI-THE is moved to an upgraded facility in Patisia area, Athens.


The private company is transformed into a general partnership company with the name "NI-THE Pharmaceutical Laboratories, NIK. A. THEOFILI & YIOU OE.", in which the son of Nikolaos Theofilis, Andrew (Chemistry graduate), formally joined as a partner. As the second generation, Andreas Theofilis brought new ideas and scientific knowledge, and together with his father they continued the further development of the company, transforming it from a private laboratory company into a big industrial manufacturing plant.


NI-THE launches Thyrostat®, a hyperthyroidism treatment drug, well established in the Greek market, helping patients for more than 50 years.


Conversion of the firm from General Partnership Company into Limited (Ltd). Acquisition of industrial land and construction of a 2000sqm manufacturing plant, with fully automated and scaled up production site for oral solutions, tablets, capsules, ointments and suppositories.


NI-THE launches Thyrohormone®, a hypothyroidism treatment drug, well established in the Greek market, helping patients for almost 50 years.


Nikolaos and Andreas Theofilis, seeking the advancement of science, the development of the company, and with a strong sense of social responsibility, expand NI-THE's product portfolio through numerous brands and Marketing Authorisations for Prescription (Rx) and Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs, which provided therapeutic solutions to various types of diseases.


Founder Nikolaos Theofilis passes away. His son, Andrew Theofilis, reshapes the company structure and operations, makes more efficient partnerships, brings new scientific staff onboard and continues establishing NI-THE products in the market.


Further industrialization of NI-THE. As the company grows bigger and standards become more demanding, investments are made in order to scale up manufacturing plant facilities, machinery, and laboratory equipment, along with new scientific staff recruitments.


NI-THE is granted a patent for the appliance of their dental product, Oulogram®.


The three children of Andreas Theofilis, George, Konstantina and Nikolaos, having an academic background in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry and Chemistry, enter the family business as the third generation of NI-THE.


Expansion of the company’s manufacturing plant by 1000sqm.


Further expansion of production capabilities & authorization of NI-THE manufacturing plant for the production of Biocides-Antiseptics, Cosmetics and Nutrition Supplements.

At the service of man and his better quality of life

Emphasis on quality.

Respect for the environment through various cleaning, disposal and recycling procedures.

Collaboration and a safe, ethical work environment.

Production & Quality

Quality Policy

Our company maintains a Quality Management System (QMS), which follows Global Quality Standards and is harmonized with the current legislation and guidelines of Global Organizations.

Manufacturing Plant

Our manufacturing plant has been operating for more than 50 years, with constant upgrades to its facilities, mechanical and laboratory equipment and processes to meet modern requirements.


At NI-THE we take care of our environmental footprint and thus have carefully studied all our processes.

Quality Control

Our company has a modern and well-equipped Quality Control laboratory, in which all the necessary analytical tests, at every stage of the production process, are carried out.


We always ensure the production of safe and effective high quality products, under excellent conditions of pharmaceutical specifications.

Business Development

Our corporate development is based on the Research and Development of new and innovative products, on strengthening the production of purely Greek medicines but also on the licensing, circulation and promotion of pharmaceutical and health products.

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